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Face the Email

Below, a somewhat random selection of email from the past several years -- all of it unverified, unchecked and mostly unfiltered.

The emails are all real. Are the stories they tell all real? Who knows -- it's the internet. Caution and common sense are advised.

Scroll down or skip around with the links below.

About Drew Abbott
Third Power Rules !
On the differing versions of 2+2
...the masters were a mess
On "The Lonely One"
We were in typing class together and he liked to kid around.
About Tom Neme
i see tom once every week at least and he is the coolest guy on earth
About Charlie Martin
Charlie, wherever you are, you are still an inspiration.
Shortly after that encounter I shipped out to Vietnam. His music helped me through some rough times over there.
The Toledo Jam
...laughing louder all the way down the stairs.
About Pep Perrine
I can tell you that he's extremely religious

About Jim Bruzzese
There are 3 areas on Live Bullet that you can hear the "crack" of the bowling pins.
Early days
She redirected bikers, who were looking for Bob, over to Targal's house.
... the only way i can see him with love is to think of our times dancing to you.
...I would love to meet him someday, but I know that will never happen.
...I thought that was the greatest moment of my life.
...The town papers name in Stockbridge was 'The Town Crier" favorite song describes me to the tee is "beautiful looser"
...Hi here from a sunny warm South Africa.
...unplugged at our wal-mart xmas party Bible and my Unicorn
Early songs
It was never played on CKLW

About Drew Abbott

I knew Drew and Jim Craig and Jem Targal before they cut their first single..

I remember them coming back from the studio furious that the weasel engineer, apparently more accustomed to recording polka bands, made Drew turn down and down until his guitar was a tiny, tinkly Telecaster sound, totally clean, totally NOT rock'n'roll.

I remember when they moved to their house in Orchard Lake (Drew and Jim being still living at HOME)..

I remember Jim Craig's drums-of-many-manufacturers getting spraypainted fluorescent greens and red and oranges.. the first double bass drum set I'd ever heard.

I'm a keyboard player (good NOW, not then!) and once they let me play with them in Jim Craig's basement.

I remember roadying for them at the Grande Ballroom, and dropping Jim's traps case on the stairs up because I hadn't eaten before the gig.. and being blown away by their cover of Cream's version of Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads'.. nailed it.. playing on a par with one of the greatest bands ever. Jem Targal was a double monster, absolutely powerful vocalist AND bass virtuoso.

I remember Lloyd, their plump, long-suffering first manager, quite well.

Tell Drew I'm still playing, too.

Third Power Rules !

Karl Moeller

20 Sep 2002

in the summer of '96 I was driving down the strip by the lake in TC when I saw a marquee that said blue highway band fri and sat night....I remember thinking "what bums, they stole the name of my band!" I had just started a new band the year before and we were starting to gig in mid mich clubs billed as the blue highway band, and this was what I percieved as an encroachment on my territory.

It's only in the last year that I have discovered that the blue highway band I witnessed on the marquee that afternoon was none other than MR DREW ABBOTT'S band.

to this day I still play riffs he came up with every weekend in clubs around GR and montcalm county and not only do I regret my small-minded attitude concerning the name on the marquee but what I regret most is the fact I didn't stop in and see that band and the chance to see a REAL musician and living legend. long live the silver bullet band and the abbott sound that created it! still in awe

Dan Lilly

24 Sep 2002

On the differing versions of 2+2:

The difference is that the original issue was mixed for a single. The guitar slide was dubbed during the mix to the master. This is the record I bought at K Mart on the smooth swirl label (no saw ridges -- that was Ramblin Gamblin Man)

However when Capitol went to make a stereo mix for the LP, the masters were a mess and since the guitar was not on the multi-tracks it was not on the LP or any subsequent reissues. IT MADE ME NUTS!!!!!! That was always the coolest part of the record, (I was 12), I mean it was air guitar city. I ended up Yelling DEEEEERRRRRRrrrrrrr every time this awkward silence showed up in my tune.

The point here is that all reissues are titled 2+2= , and not 2+2=?.

J. Crawford

On "The Lonely One"

Hi Scott

I just looked at your website and saw a mention of Seger's first song. I remember him singing it to me in class and just wondered if I had the words right. He was in the 11th grade and I the 12th. We were in typing class together and he liked to kid around. I think he was writing that song at the time as I remember him singing it to me in class.

His best friend sat on the other side of him and he and I were flirting. Eventually, I dated his best friend. Went out with Bob only once. It was a casual date to cheer him up after he was in an auto accident where a friend was killed.

Below are the words I remember.

The lonely one
the only one
who understands just what went wrong
the lonely one whose life is done
whose days are sad
and nights are long
since his only love has gone
So ashamed since she has left
I never walk in the sun
To stay out of sight I walk at night
for I am the only one
for I am the lonely one.

I always like that song and didn't know why he didn't record it."The lonely one the only one who understands just what went wrong, etc." was the refrain.

Last time I saw Bob he was on his chopper and going to drop out of music and go to collage. Glad he stayed with the music!


December 28, 2005

About Tom Neme

If you're interested Tom Neme lives in Sterling Heights, Mi., and works as a mailman in Shelby Township.

Was surfing the web today and ran across your site, found it very interesting. Just thought you like to know, met Tom, probably 10 years ago or so, I trained him when he started the U.S. Postal service as a letter carrier. We talked alot about music, told him about my interest in all the old Michigan bands of the 60's, 70's era. He told me that he use to play with Bob Seger and that he'd written some songs on the Noah album. I was shocked when got the old album cover and seen that, yes, he was responsible for part of the album. Tom seems like a very nice and unassuming guy. As far as I know, Tom still works for U.S.P.S. and teaches guitar.

25 Jan 2004

I've known Tom Neme all my life, and have grown to respect him in many ways. He is an excellent guitarist, a strong person, and an all-around-cool guy. He taught 2 of the members in my band, Hush Radio, and 2 members of my friends's band, The Great Fiction (which consists of Neme's son, Jon, and his friends) how to play the guitar.

I've grown used to walking into his house and seeing the Noah album on a shelf, but never asking questions about it. He's never talked himself up or bragged about the fact that he played with a musical legend. I'm sure if you ask him, he has many a story to tell, but he won't offer it unwarranted.

He can sit down and play guitar unlike anyone else i know and is almost twice as good at piano. He is currently writing his own material and recording it with my dad (when they get the time)...its very good music and i believe that if Seger hadn't kicked him out, Tom could have been quite the sensation. But Tom wanted other things for his life as well, and he got them. He's now a father of my friends Jon and Aaron, and the husband of Cheryl. He plays the keyboard at my church faithfully every Sunday, and gives guitar lessons to whoever asks.

I'd have to say that I'm grateful he didn't stay with The System, as he would not have been able to influence my life and the lives of my friends as we seek our own place as musicians. I would also venture to say that he's a legend in his own right-perhaps not a well known one-but one that has lived a life worth great mention. His influence may not be as far-reaching as Seger's, but it is much deeper.

Jason Zito

13 Sep 2002

hello there i just so happen to know tom neme very well he was my guitar teacher and is the father of one of my best friends. let me set the record straight here tom neme is way above and beyond bob seger by far if you guys could hear some of the songs that tom has been writing for the past 20 years you would be blown away ... it is a mystery to me why he never got any attention ... his son plays in an incredible band called "the great fiction" whom we all will be hearing alot about in years to come.... i see tom once every week at least and he is the coolest guy on earth he is always showing me new tunes he is working on and they are amazing hopefully i can get some mp3s for you because you have got to hear this stuff .... anyone here in detroit who knows bob seger and tom neme knows that tom was becoming very popular around here after noah was released and the story in detroit is that bob was a little jealous and decided he would kick him out ..... tom has never said one bad thing about bob and has no hard feelings bob seger is awesome but man tom neme is the whip ...

I met Tom Neme at a bar called "Danny Cosa's Copa Lounge" in june of 1977.. He was playing keyboards with a band which shall remain unknown to me. Too many Black Russians at the time! His best song at the time was "Take the long way home". Anyway, he came across as a good dude. I later serviced his new Honda Accord @ Troy Honda. I lost touch with him after that.

In the summer of 1978, I was working @ Wood Imports in Detroit, when I met Bob Seger walking through the parking lot. He bummed a smoke from me & told me "Stranger in Town" was released that day. He was driving a silver BMW 320i. He roadtested a Mercedes 450 SL,& he did'nt like His right leg hitting the console. He later roadtested the 1st Porsche 928 to arrive in America, but it was green ,& he wanted a silver one.

Later that week, Robyn Robbins brought His Rolls-Royce Cornische in for a brake light problem & gave 4 tickets to the technician that worked on it. It was the hi-light of my career to meet these guys @ work!

Bob Mauchline

19 Nov 2003

About Charlie Martin:

There is another story to the Charlie Martin accident that most people have never heard. It's an ironic experience that I have kept in mind for years.

I was living in Tampa, FL and preparing to go overseas to Germany to meet up with my husband. We had a new baby, and we owned a very old house that we had to sell before I could go overseas. The little hippies that we were, everything was really low budget.

While rushing to fix up the house by myself, I fell off a 10-foot ladder and got pretty banged up. I ended up in the hospital with a head injury and really upset that I had been so unlucky. Not only was my timeline wiped out, trip delayed and my body banged up... I had tickets to see Bob and the Band that weekend in Tampa. What a pity party I had!

Life is strange, but Karma can be even stranger! I ended up in a room with a young college girl named Cecil. She had been in a really horrible car wreck with 4 of her best friends. Their Honda was shredded, two girls died at the scene, two were in very critical condition and Cecil was really messed up... but she would live. Seeing her pain and experiencing her loss the morning they told her one more of her friends died -- well, it put my problems into perspective.

I talked to Cecil a lot that day. Come to find out, she and her girl friends all had tickets to see Bob and the band, too. She cried about how they had been planning to go and how much they all loved the Silver Bullet band. That's when I got an idea.

Anyway, I ended up talking the doctors into releasing me early. When I went home, the first thing I did was start calling friends, faking out hotel desk clerks and acting like a spy till I found out where the band was staying. I made some random room calls till I finally hit one of the band member's rooms. It was Charlie Martin.

And what a sweetheart he was. Cecil's story got to him and he talked to the rest of the band.

Next thing you know they call Cecil at the hospital and sent her flowers, etc., basically making at least some of the pain goes away. As irony would have it, Charlie was the one responsible for making it all happen for Cecil. I talked to him one more time before they left town and he "thanked" me for telling him about Cecil! He also told me to go back stage to meet the band first chance I got, just ask for him.

That chance came much sooner than I thought it would when the band toured Germany. I was there with my baby and my husband. We found someone and I asked for Charlie, but the guy went white and told me to wait.

He went to talk to someone else (I assumed Bob Seger). Next thing I know, one of the guys comes out to tell me that Charlie was in bad shape after getting hit by a car. I gave him my address. I got a contact number to keep up on Charlie's progress. Later, I got a letter from Charlie. He asked about Cecil and shared his thoughts about irony and Karma.

The story always stuck in my mind and I always wanted to hear from Charlie again. I never heard from Cecil again, but I understand she recovered pretty well. I always followed Charlie's progress and successes via places like this site, the media, etc.

Several years and a divorce later, I had a boyfriend who had a serious spine injury early into our relationship. Over the 2 1/2 years I cared for him, I used Charlie and Cecil as inspiration. I held them up as an example that sometimes, good things can be found in bad situations and perseverance can pay off. My man died a few years ago. He couldn't take the pain and never got over his disability.

It made me admire Charlie even more. I now know first hand how hard it is to overcome something like that. Not all men can handle that kind of change in life style.

Charlie, wherever you are, you are still an inspiration. Mostly, though, still a Karmic mystery to me.

I always wondered if he remembers that story as vividly or in the same way I do. I always hoped I could find Cecil, too. Stranger things have happened!


Julia Rose

PS: A new twist -- I am facing the possibility that I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or might be suffering from some other serious nerve damage. I'll have results to the battery of tests soon. No matter what -- I know I can handle it. After all, look at Charlie Martin. He still inspires.


1970-71.....Bob's between record deals, working Al Nalli's circle of gigs in the Midwest. This included a bar/night spot called the Sugar Shack.

The Sugar Shack was on 4th street on the Ohio State campus in Columbus Ohio. Many gigs there. Only 50 cents!!! I remember how "Heavy Music" was certainly that. Bob was hangin' with a kid named Mark Chatfield who was in local bands before forming the Godz a few years later. In fact, Bob was dating Mark's sister. (Yes a story there, but I'll leave that to Mark...)

Great shows, great electricity, and times were a'changin. The Shack was infamous for the swimming pool in the back..(before the Columbus Health Dept. closed it down)

...lots of fun, good times.....


24 Oct 2002

I've followed and enjoyed Bob Seger's music since 1967. My friends and I saw him at the Hide Out in Harper Woods on many occasions. After the release of Heavy Music we didn't see him for a while. One summer evening, upon his return to our favorite hang out, The Hide Out, I had a long conversation with him during the bands break. Bob, seemingly, was overwhelmed by the success of his hit song. I'll never forget that moment. As we shared a cold "adult beverage" in the alley behind the club, little did I realize what a superstar Bob Seger would become. He was such a "real person". Shortly after that encounter I shipped out to Vietnam. His music helped get me through some rough times over there. For that I am grateful.

Bill Rachwitz

17 Jul 2002

The Toledo Jam

Hi there scott.


i was 19, insanely in love with robert clark, and i got my cousin jim to drive to toleedoo with me (from richmond, MI, about 90 miles away. this i know, cuz within months i would live nearby, doing my first gig in rock radio, at WIOT, toldedo)

we got there early in the i recall, the lineup included loverboy, quarterflash (harden my heart!),, there was somebody dunno, who gives a turd?

i DO remember, we tromped up to the front of the stage. it was 103 degrees and about 103% humidity... we were severely dehydrated after at least 9 hours in the heat/direct sun. i wanted the water badly, but there was NO WAY, as you know....

when bob finally came on stage, he put on a phenomenal show... but the one thing i recall most clearly, is about half way thru the show, some people made their way thru a dense crowd up to about 3 rows from front. they were carrying someone layed out on a stretcher… i'll never forget seger's face when he saw it too. the flash of sadness was so fast probably no one else noticed it, he perked right up like the supergod he is, gave the fan the usual "seger treatment", in other words, was unflailingly polite and attentive and positive.

okay, that's my stupid show story.

i fell in love with bob one day when i was 12...that day sealed the entire fate of the rest of my bullet...made me center my whole course of living, on r&r. i decided at 12 to become a "deejay"

i DID become a music director, and in the recent words of a record goon, "nationally feared and revered" of my very first "jobs" as a music director for the then-brand new "active rock" format, was to tell the capitol rep there was no way in hell i could play that schmaltz-ridden "real love" single, but hey, thanks for the "real love" picture frame! i DID talk my PD into playing "the mountain" for several weeks,

BUT, HERE'S THE BEST OF A COUPLA REAL MEETING SEGER STORIES. first time was when he appeared on "rockline" in maybe....89-90?...capitol got me on the "list", i told my boyfriend "no guests allowed" i walk into the old rockline studios... bob is sitting on this sorta love-seat, two seater thing...and no one is sitting w/in six feet of i think for about 1/4 of a second, and plop my ass right next to him, joyously. he's sweet, signs my shit, is polite & accomadating as all hell, and i can't think of one g/d intelligent thing to say. 15+ years of dreaming of this moment, and NOT ONE G/D THING I TELL YOU- CAN I DREDGE UP WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE A PSYCHO FAN.

so i sit on the floor at the glass door and watch intently, longingly, for the 90 min. interview....seger of course poses for all the pictures everyone requests, and says bye to everyone, still polite as they come, then he begins to descend the stairs to the parking garage and i shove my business card at him and say, "hey, i'm a music director, call me if you ever want any free cds..." he says "yea, okay" as he climbs out of sight...and i sigh loudly..."or a CHILD or anything...." trailing off...and i hear him CRACK UP and keep laughing louder all the way down the stairs.

peg pollard

About Pep Perrine

Hey, I have an update on Pep Perrine. I recently became a good friend with him in south florida. He's still working on music and has given his life to Jesus Christ. He's working on a Christian album and is otherwise fine. He rarely talks about his past and prefers to put it behind him...

I can tell you that he's extremely religious...and was "born again" some time in the early 80s.

He didn't like to talk about his time with Bob Seger at all...Anyway, hope that sheds a little light on him. Oh and he's extremely intelligent and has a very quirky sense of humor

Ben Hutchins

Nov 2004

About Seger engineer Jim Bruzzese

Hey Scott,

Yes, Bob was known as a perfectionist. Jim B would tell me that whenever a album was in the making, he felt like he was always on call. When punch or Bob would call, you would drop everything and jump to the occasion. Jim said even if it was 3am.

Jim told me of a session that ran all day long and the crew was all tired so they called it a day. Bob would also leave but would have Jim back on the phone in the middle of the night and would go back to the study to try one more time to remix a track.

You know the Pampa Recording studios (misspelled on the Live Bullet "Pamper Recording Studios") was located in Warren, Michigan directly behind the Pampa Bowling Alley (This bowling alley was owned by the Bruzzese family, so the space in back was Jim's studio). In fact, I never heard it, but Jim B claims that there are three areas on the Live Bullet Album that you can hear the "crack" of the bowling pins. He said if Bob ever heard it they would have gone back to re-record those songs. But Jim knows it's there.

Seger was one of my favorites all through high school. We had a local High School radio station and I would play many cuts from Live Bullet and other albums prior to that. I sail with several friends who know Bob in the sailing circles. They say he is a genuine sailor. Not just a guy who has money and a crew that sails for him, but a real true sailor, who gives it his all and has won again this year.

Jeff Moon

Moonlink Satellite, Inc.

31 Aug 2002

Early days

I haven't been able to find a mention of Seger's 1st marriage. Back in 1968 they rented a house on Waterloo Street in Waterford. They were there for the entire winter of 68-69. They rented it from people named the Hall's. The Hall family were spending their winter in Florida. Renee was a cute young woman - about 18. She was from the Columbus area and had been a cheerleader...

She was very pretty and petite. One day she left me and a friend named Tony Combs in charge of the house while she went shopping. We were only 15, so we naturally looked through her underware drawer. She wore a 34C bra! We also listened to some reel to reel recordings that Seger had made as practice tapes. Cool stuff for 15 years olds! Bob was out on the road most of that winter. The first LP was out and the System was touring the West Coast. They appeared on Where The Action Is. Seger was wearing a fur vest and Mark Lindsey was the host...

I also remember a day when Tom Neme called Renee. He asked her out on a date. She told us that Bob would be really upset if he knew that he was hitting on her. I think that part is kind of interesting when you consider the dueling egos of the Noah period band.

Anyway, somewhere around here I have a recording that Bob and Renee did. They moved to Bogie Lake Road after the Hall's returned. As I recall, she left him for a Detroit Disc Jockey.

Later, Seger lived on Airport Road. He was the 2nd house from the corner of Airport and Andersonville. Jem Targal, of the 3rd Power, was his next door neighbor. Seger was living with a woman named Jan. She was working at the Pontiac Mall supporting the two of them. She came over to Targal's one day to ask if he would mind if she redirected bikers, who were looking for Bob, over to Targal's house. Jem had 2 young children at the time and was, of course, not in favor of that plan.


Nov 24, 2005


Hey Scott !

I've just read your comparison of Bob / Bruce's lyrics and let me tell you that I've had a great great time !! :-))

Let me introduce myself: I'm Eve, a french Springsteen fan, and I've begun to discover Bob's music for a few weeks only. I used to translate songs written by Springsteen for a whole year and as friends of mine (those who made me discover Bob Seger) have asked me to translate Bob's songs, I realised that Bob's words are less complicated, just as you said and showed it thanks to your Cmplexo-Meter ! And you did it with such humour that I couldn't resist, I had to congratulate you for this, it's really great !!

I just regret one thing: it seems European countries are a bit too stupid to get the magic of Bob's music. He's not really known down here and I guess I'll never have the chance to see him in concert :-(

Have a nice day and go on with your Complexo-Meter, I love it !!


Eve Laine

4 Oct 2002

grew up with you from my dad, 1978 i was born and i love some of today,s music but you just make me feel like no other artist. i loved my dad so much, our song was someday lady you, l acompany me. he commited suicide feb. 23, 1990, and the only thing i wanted was his bob seger tape, the only good memorys i have of him is dancing on his boots with him to your songs. i just wanted to let you know that i just found out that my dad killed somebody in 1978, when my mom was pregnant with me, and the only way i can see him with love is to think of our times dancing to you. thank you for giving me memory,s i love. your music has always affected me like no other, your voice it turns me attentive, please sing till the day you die, and that day will be sad. again thank you for the good memorys, no one else could have with him. i truly have a spot in my heart for you, my boyfriend wants me to go on american idol to sing but i say no, i want to remain true like you, so i will sing to my baby,s with you like i always have caus there the best fans ever. thank you from the deepist part off my soul. april merta.

Dear Sirs!

Please, send me what is the name girl, who is starring in the Bob seger video - clip " The Fire inside".

Thank you

Peter Mustsky

17 Jan 2005

To me Bob Seger is the greatest musician in the world. He has been my favorite for over 30 years. I've seen him 15 times in concert. I have played almost every bob Seger tune. I do a great version of Turn The Page and wish I could do it on my next CD. I'm now almost 50 and have lost 2 wives and a lot of people I was close to, tryin to "make it " in the music business. I often think of Beautiful Loser as I look at my life. Turn the page is such a true song to me as I have been on the road more than home. I play a gig in Monticello Indiana at a place called The Indiana beach roof garden on Sat. Aug31st. I will be doin a live CD there at this time. Tell Bob I will put him on the guest list if he wants to come up. I would love to meet him someday, but I know that will never happen. So glad to have Bob Seger in my life.

Gary Jeffries of Dayton Ohio

21 Aug 2002

It was about 67 or 68 I think. A friend of mine and myself left from Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. We stopped in bar, saw a club with a sign out front that said "live Music". The place was packed. This was unusual for that area.

We were both under age, and I can't remember what we said or did to get in, but we got in. In Ohio at that time they had high and low beer. Hi beer was for people over 21. Low beer was 18 to 21. I remember acting like I was really cool. I kept my hand with the stamp L on it in my pocket so nobody could see I was not over 21.

In 67 I was 16. I was trying to be cool as I could. We listened to a few tunes and thought this guy is really good. He should be on the radio. CKLW was a big station a that time. There was no cool stations from Ohio at that time so we listened to Motown. After a while the band went back on stage. The first thing Bob Seger said was, "The next song I want to play we have just recorded and If everything goes right it will make all the difference in the world to us ". I think that is what he said. When they started playing they played Ramblin Gamblin Man. I thought that was the greatest moment of my life.

Here I was under age in some bar in Ohio, and the guy on the stage was a star! I heard that song on the radio. Man that was cool. I remember I had to ask somebody who was this guy that was singing.

In about 75 or 76 I moved to the west end of Ohio. It was late one night all by myself out in my garage I heard Turn the Page. That was it the first new song from Seger I had heard in years. I was hooked, and still am.

Today I drive a truck from Houston TX. To the lower part of Michigan. I haul the stuff that the flexible body parts that today's cars are made of. I think of my ex wife and think of You Will Accompany Me and Like A Rock. That is very fitting to me for where I am in my life today.

Good work Mr. Seger. I don't think you really know the type of influence you have had on us. You are a great songwriter and singer.

Did you ever think that truckers would be singing your songs when you were about 21?

Thanks for the good times.

Chuck Chandler

8 Oct 2002

September 23, 2005

Hello Scott,

I've been doing research for a book I'm writing about my late uncle Grant Higgins. He was born and grew up in Stockbridge Mich. a bit North East of Jackson, and north of Chelsea...

My father told me of when we lived in Chelsea in an upstairs apartment on West Middle Street. Bob was dating my mother's best friend, an Italian girl named Maria Petarossi(spelling?). He remembers Bob being at our house and my uncle grant playing guitar with him there, Grant was showing him some chords to a song...

The town papers name in Stockbridge was 'The Town Crier".

So I'm putting all of these clues together and thinking that Bob and Grant probably hung out some, maybe played some shows together.


Weldon Higgins

Dear Mr . Seger my name is John R Thompson im a student at Western Culinary in Portland oregon.ive been a fan of yours sence i was in the 2nd grade and im 35 now. youve been a idel for me. i was introduced to your music my best friends father he was truely your biggest fan and was beleaved to look like you.up unyil seven weeks ago i had every vinal and cassette and cd i could find on your music , and cherished it very much,my favorite song describes me to the tee is "beautiful looser", but of coruse "old time rock in roll" is right in there as well i havent had much luck yet replacing all of your albums, but i have three of them so far. i was allso trying to find posters of u from live bullet tour anf nine tonight tour but no luck someday id love to see u live ive been holding a 100.dollar bill for about three years to by tickets if ican get them id give anything to see u live in concert.there r many other students here at western culinary whodlove to see you live in concert wed even cook for you most us are very talented, we work in some of portland finest places such as jakes grill, protland grill,just to name a few anyway,just wanted u to im huge fan and will always be.

please email if you do tour close to portland id love to see u thank u for your time,

you fan John"the beautiful loser"Thompson

7 Dec 2004

Hi here from a sunny warm South Africa. We enjoy every bit of your music but where is your DVD Bob? We battle to get hold of your music, we can only buy your CD's on the web, so the waiting is long. Please come and visit our beautiful country, that will be a trill!












Subject: xmas party

i want bob seger unplugged at our wal-mart xmas party in tawas city, michigan. hope he gets this email


Nov 2, 2005

What can I say ?

Perhaps, maybe, You might read this!

I wish I could thank you in person for all the many very difficult situations you have taken me through, or rather I have taken you with me, through the nightmare journeys in my life!

There have been many, from murder, rape, many years of domestic violence, to bombs, and family deaths in Belfast Ireland, and with each one I faced, I recall thinking to myself, " No one has ever had to face this much hurt and desperation ".

And yet, I could always find one of your songs that seemed to fit each situation perfectly, and felt that you must have faced something similar that inspired in you, the words you put so well to music.

I could feel and relate to the rock bottom feeling you could express so well. But, given the particular situation, there was "Always" an other one of your songs that I could rely on to give me back my self-esteem and courage to start again.

There was a D.J. on a Radio Station in Belfast, who each and every time he would play one of your records, introduced it with " I am now going to play for you a man who is always and forever, "The Great Bob Seger"!

Your music has been passed down to my children and now to my Grandchildren. All of them now living in a free, safe, and wonderful country.

I have given them your Albums, Tapes, C.D.s, but sadly no video of you. I can not as hard as I have tried, purchase one of you anywhere. One of my goals in life was to see you in concert, I almost made it to one in London, but as luck would have it , one of my "Situations " took over. I never did get to see you.

I often sit now and think, if I could even watch a video of you, I would settle for that and I could say to my family, Don't just listen to him, now you can watch " The Great Bob Seger ".

Because you have no idea, and because I couldn't ever define or describe enough to put into words, just how much of a life-line you were for me, I would like to say, I wouldn't mind if you decided to give up doing any more concerts or even stopped recording, (course I would) if you could just leave us even one video, but if not, do keep writing the words that you write from your soul.

They have been my Bible and my Unicorn for so many years.

You know, I have in my lifetime listened to so many versions by so many singers of the song "Danny Boy", yet the most beautiful rendition believe it or not, was a recital done by Lorne Green from "Bonanza" fame! It was the epitome of the true meaning and depth of "Danny Boy" No music needed.

Your written words belong in that category referred to as classic! You are from Shakesphear, Wordsworth, to Behan, from Mozart, Beethoven , to Seger .

You are You !

From your "Ship of Fools", Long Way Home, all the way through to "By the River" with all the reverence I can muster, could I say a very deep and profound "Thank You Mr Seger " you truly are "Always and Forever"


Early songs

Just found your Seger site today. Very nice, well-written, smart. My only complaint is that there is a lot of mis-information and missing information about the early stuff. Quickly, a few points:

* Persecution Smith was not recorded until 1966. Confusion about the apocryphal 1963 release date stems from the fact that the old red Cameo labels all included the copywrite date 1963 at the bottom of the label. This date referred to Cameo's name or label design, not the song.

* East Side Story on Hideout is worth about $30-$50 in Mint condition. It was never played on CKLW, nor was any other single on a local Detroit label.

CKLW only played songs on major labels, not independents (so the first Seger song they played was Heavy Music). WKNR is the station that made this and many other local records into big hits, and WXYZ played them as well. Rosalie Trombley's support of Seger began during the Capitol era. For what it's worth, a local song reaching #3 was not unheard of--or even uncommon. To name a Seger-related band that had already done it, Man in the Glass by the Underdogs got to number 3 in 1965. But there are plenty of other examples as well. Also, the HP Movement and The Finzz both covered East Side Story--HP in '67 or '68, The Finzz in the mid or late 70s. The Underdogs may have recorded the song, but it never made it onto record.

* Bob did not write or sing lead on Yellow Beret. It's a Doug Brown song and Doug is doing the lead vocal. Seger does do backing vocals near the fade out (just repeating the words "yellow beret" mostly). Doug Brown was no liberal, then or later. It's really just an Omens record under an assumed name. D. Dodger is listed as the song writer, not the artist--the artist is shown as the Beach Bums on both sides. Florida Time is indeed the flip. It's on Are You Kidding Me? Records, which, like Punch Records, is just Hideout under a different name.

* TGIF is not from '64 or '65, but from '66, as is Beret, and Give Bob the Ball, a song that is missing from your discography. Seger was still in the Omens during the first part of that year, playing organ and doing background vocals. Give Bob the Ball is a one-sided red flexi-disc that Doug Brown wrote and recorded with the Omens in support of U.S. Senator Bob Griffin's re- election campaign. It's a pretty good mid-tempo rocker with dopey lyrics. It's also by far the rarest of officially released records that include Bob on them. Bob does not do any vocals on it.

* Bob co-wrote a great garage song for The Underdogs called Get Down on Your Knees. Dave Whitehouse (Underdogs lead singer) and Dave Leone (Mr. Hideout, as you probably know) were the other writers on it. Whitehouse was a great vocalist himself, and is one of the backing singers on the studio version of Heavy Music.

* Bob also wrote, produced, and arranged Hideout singles for The Mama Cats and The Mushrooms on Hideout. The Mama Cats single is Miss You b/w My Boy. Miss You is dynamite. My Boy is awful. Bob wrote both. The Mushrooms included Bob's friend Glenn Frey (then spelled "Fry"), and their single is Such a Lovely Child b/w Burned. Bob co-wrote with Glenn and, as on the Mama Cats, handled arranging and producing duties as well. It's a good record.

Joe Moorehouse

Do ya do ya do ya wanna rock? Send your fond dreams, lost hopes, bittersweet regrets, half-remembered stories, rejoinders, rebuttals, questions, comments, corrections and contributions. Maybe I'll post them. Maybe not.


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