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Photos and copy by longtime Seger fan and photographer Ken Settle.

Bob Seger, December 1973, at Uncle Sam's. Seger is shown here with original Silver Bullet keyboard player, Rick Manasa. Manasa left the band in early 1974 and was replaced by Robyn Robbins from Frost, another Detroit group. This was a very early Silver Bullet show. The band played two sets that night. This was shot during the second set.

Uncle Sam's had several large televisions over the bar, all tuned to the late news. Bob had just played "Turn the Page," and the audio from the televisions was getting annoying. After "Turn the Page," Bob quipped, "Well, there's Al Akerman on the tube." (Akerman was a well-known Detroit sportscaster.) Thankfully, someone cut the volume off on the TVs before the next song, "Neon Sky," which is what Bob is singing in this photo -- K.S.

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Updated January 1, 2006