Nice family. Makes you wonder where he went wrong.



Hi. What are you into?


Way to frame the shot. I don't think Patricia Vonne will be using this on the back an album anytime soon.


The beauty of Northern Michigan. Just take a few more steps back...



Earplugs 2 -- Financial Journalist or Witness Protection Program participant?


SS and E2: The wasted years in full swing.


Most attendees at SXSW appear to be cardboard cutouts.


Off to college.


Jon Dee Graham


A little photoshop work could have made this into an amusing photo, if SS had only made the effort.


Didn't we see this one already?


The Saucy Monkeys. Definitely non-arctic.


Calling her "Barbie Sparklerpants" doesn't change the underlying psychosis.


Take ordinary photo. Blur it. Instant masterpiece.